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About Gateshead Council

Gateshead Council serves a population of around 202,400 (ONS MYE 2017) living in 90,500 households (ONS 2016 Based Projections for 2018).Covering the mainly urban areas of Central Gateshead, Felling, Birtley, Dunston and Blaydon, the Council also serves the rural districts of Ryton, Whickham and parts of the Derwent Valley.  Gateshead is almost two thirds rural and is the largest in size of the Tyne and Wear local authorities.

Political Structure

Gateshead is split into 22 areas called wards, each with three councillors. The Council is Labour controlled.

The Council is run by a cabinet system which is headed by the Leader and made up of 9 further members that he or she appoints. Cabinet members give political leadership and direction to the way services are delivered.

The political composition of the council is as follows:

Political Party
Liberal Democrat

Management Structure

The Council's services are delivered through seven groups as shown below:

  • Office of the Chief Executive
  • Resources and Digital
  • Corporate Services and Governance 
  • Children, Adults and Families
  • Housing, Environment and Healthy Communities
  • Economy, Innovation and Growth
  • Public Health and Wellbeing

Within each of the groups are a number of services, each run by a Service Director who takes responsibility for the management of employees.

Corporate Management Team

  • Sheena Ramsey - Chief Executive
  • Darren Collins - Strategic Director, Resources and Digital
  • Mike Barker - Strategic Director, Corporate Services and Governance
  • Caroline O'Neill - Strategic Director, Children, Adults and Families
  • Colin Huntington - Acting Strategic Director,  Housing, Environment and Healthy Communities
  • Alice Wiseman – Director of Public Health

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